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    I will work to preserve the heritage, values and way of life I found on arriving here 30 years ago. Faith, family and community are the basis for a good society, and they are disappearing across the nation. We must nurture them here in Talbot County.


    Endorsed by the Talbot Integrity Project, in recognition of my support for “the vision of Talbot as a sustainable rural County” and my commitment “to protecting Talbot’s unique character.”


    The only County Council candidate endorsed by Maryland Right to Life.


    Endorsed by the editors of the Chesapeake Observer.


    We must do a better job of managing growth

    The proposed housing and commercial developments at Lakeside in Trappe and along Oxford Road would lead to excessive population increases and burdens on public services. They would drastically change the character of Talbot County. Expenditures for schools, public safety, water and sewer and other services would exceed added tax revenues. Open land would be paved over. Traffic congestion on and crossing Route 50 and the Easton Bypass would be even more dreadful. These developments must be stopped or scaled back before there is irreparable harm.

    Our heritage is threatened

    I led the fight to prevent the history of the Civil War in Talbot County from being erased. It was a sad day for our county when the Talbot Boys were taken down. The politics of grievance and victimhood won out over commonsense. We must not let that happen again. If elected, I pledge to introduce a resolution to construct a monument with statues of Confederate and Union soldiers where the Talbot Boys stood.

    Our police officers must be protected

    Legislation passed last year in Annapolis would make it more difficult and risky for our police officers to do their jobs. I will make sure that the new review boards are made up of fair-minded citizens, and support competitive pay and benefits for all public safety personnel

    Schools are at a critical point

    Our school board must be more transparent and respect the rights of parents to made decisions about their children's education, health and moral development. The County Council has authority over the school budget, and we can use that power to ensure that offensive and wasteful programs and expenditures are eliminated.

    Budgets and taxes

    We must contain expenditures if we are to avoid raising taxes. The mandates for increased spending on schools coming down from Annapolis could make that very hard. I can't say exactly how to resist those pressures, but my experience as an economist and at the Congressional Budget Office give me the experience needed to find a way. I do know that unmanaged growth is not the answer, because new developments can cost more for added services than they bring in tax revenues.

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    Living in Talbot County

    My wife Esther and I first came to Talbot County in the early 90s, and we lived on the Miles River for about 20 years, spending as much time here as we could with me still working in Washington DC. We loved the water, and sailed and kayaked. Since I had always lived in cities, it was exciting to take up skeet shooting and hunting, and get to know friends whose families have been in Talbot County for many generations. We came to love Talbot County as it was and is, and want to make sure its heritage and rural character are preserved. About 10 years ago we become full-time residents and became involved in politics and community affairs. I was asked to take over as President of the Republican Council, and we put on some influential seminars that even convinced the Star Democrat to endorse then-candidate Hogan. I was Deputy Grand Knight of the Knights of Columbus at Saints Peter and Paul and active in other organizations. Esther was a Navy nurse, we are on the board of the Navy League and hold season tickets to Navy games.


    I have a PhD in economics from Harvard, and started my career teaching at the California Institute of Technology. I left academics because I was fascinated by public policy, and I had senior positions in the US Department of Energy, Department of Defense and the Congressional Budget Office. I left government in 1990 and until retirement in 2014 I worked as a consultant. My focus was on analyzing the unnecessary burdens imposed by government regulations, particularly in energy and environmental policy.


    Along the way I became a recognized expert on climate policy -- on that I am convinced that risks of climate change are real, that we are being bombarded with scare stories that, just like Covid, are gross exaggerations, and that the policies that are being pursued to deal with climate change are all wrong. I also learned a great deal about oil markets, and


    I can tell you with the authority of three decades of experience that the only way to defeat Russia is to let the U.S. start producing oil and gas again. Biden's policies are responsible for the high price of gasoline, but the climate fanatics are keeping him from reversing them.

    Read My Thoughts

    Two friends and I founded an online journal of public policy called The Chesapeake Observer. I have published a number of articles there, and to learn more about my thinking on economic, social and political topics, click the Chesapeake Observer link. I explained the dangers of CRT before it became a household word, the costs of the Green New Deal when it was a fantasy, and the benefits of tax reductions. I also wrote for the Talbot Spy for several years, and I am also pleased with some of those topics. I am easy to find there, check the Talbot Spy link. On looking back on the Spy, I realized that those articles could be reprinted today and be just as relevant. Someday I will add a link to the article that led to parting ways with the Spy: in it I condemned those who are grooming teens to question their sexual orientation and gender, and brought the sky down on my head.